2020 Solar Grader:


October 20, 2020, 2:17:18 AM

7 kW Roof Mount

National Grade

Avg. Pre-Incentive Cost

Local Solar Panel Costs for Homes

$17,989- 23,407


Avg. ROI in Years

Home Solar ROI

4.7-6.7 Years


Avg. Investment Equivalent

Solar Panel Investment Returns

7.1-8.5% Annually


25 Year Energy Production

Solar panel energy production

$38,000- 54,007


Costs of solar panels are determined by state local solar companies and financial models are averaged using multiple utilities. Besides the 26% Federal Tax Credit  their may be utility or local incentives to increase the attractiveness of  installing solar.

Delaware solar companies DE solar panel incentives and rebates


Solar Panel Costs and Rebates

Solar energy installations is growing fast in Delaware, and with solar panels for homes proving to be cost effective and reliable. We have gathered local data on solar rebates and local DE solar companies.

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Cost of Solar Panels in DE

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