Electric Young Reviews


We have reviews that are fully reviewed by our expert testers and reviewers, and then we have you the reader and subscriber, review the products you have driven, installed, experience, and have taken part in. It's what makes our reviews the most trusted reviews in the business.

Electric Vehicle Reviews

Reviews of Tesla, BMW, Volkswagen, Rivian, BYD, Ford, and many of the other electric vehicle leaders as well as some of the start-up vehicle manufacturers. 

Solar Reviews Installers Panels

We have reviews of inverters, solar panels, racking systems, and solar installers. 

home battery backup reviews

Battery technologies are moving faster than a lot of people can keep up and the race to an affordable option is getting interesting. We review existing batteries on the market and discuss the future ones.

smart home reviews

With the addition of IOT (internet of things) into almost any kind of household smart product. We look at which products we like best and which ones we think need some improvement.