Jinko Solar Adds Energy Storage to Their Lineup

Updated: Jan 27


Jinko Solar announced in late 2021 their new energy storage lineup for commercial and residential customers, the "Eagle" product line.

Jinko Solar Eagle Energy Storage- Solar Batteries

As the worlds largest solar panel manufacturer, Jinko Solar has released this new line of products in the home solar battery market, during the virtual Solar Power International trade show this month.

Home Energy Storage Growth

One of the faster growing sub-markets within the solar industry, is the energy solar sector. According to a recent article by Renewable Energy World-

Lux Research concludes that revenue and deployment growth for the energy storage market will vary drastically over the next three years. Plug-in light-duty vehicles will likely remain the largest market with a predicted $24B increase in revenue by the end of 2022. Next, Medium and heavy-duty vehicles are estimated to grow from $600M a year in 2019 to $3.6B per year in 2022.
Residential storage follows with a projected CAGR of 76% and $8B revenue increase over the next three years. Personal mobility will also be affected with a CAGR of 49% and $4.6B revenue increase.

Some of these increases are directly connected to company product development. Electric Vehicle's and the home charging atmosphere that is being shaped by rate tariffs by the utilities is helping drive some of the home energy storage market as well.

Energy Storage from a Solar Panel Manufacturer

Jinko is mostly known for its solar panel focus, and this new product, the "Eagle" is its first publicly available product leap into the lithium ion battery market. They claim this product will not only be available for home owners but also for large commercial projects.

Jinko Solar Eagle Energy Storage

The Eagle RS1 is a 8-kW/19.2-kWh AC-coupled energy storage system. It is stackable up to 28.8 kWh and 38.4 kWh. Its lithium-iron phosphate (LFP) technology is popular among the residential market. The Eagle RS1 has a 6,000-cycle-life and is outdoor-rated. The residential system is available for orders beginning in December 2020.

Smart Energy Monitoring

Recently Solar Edge has partnered with Schneider Electric to produce a smart home monitoring and control device. With Jinko's Eagle, they have partnered with Enact on a residential monitoring and software program. There are not many details on how this system will fully operate, but it is speculated to have usage to power delivery monitoring functionality.

Per Jinko- the Eagle CS turnkey utility and C&I AC-coupled energy storage system comes in various energy ratings based on charge/discharge duration — from one half-hour to four hours. Eagle CS provides flexible power from 500 kW to 6 MW and has an energy density up to 5.1 MWh per 40-ft container. Eagle CS can perform ancillary grid services, load shifting, energy arbitrage and grid management. This large-scale energy storage system also uses LFP chemistry and has integrated BMS, HVAC and fire suppression system.

JinkoSolar energy storage sales director Todd Nguyen said during an SPI webinar that the large-scale storage products will be available beginning in Q2 2021. Eagle CS will be available as a DC-coupled system by Q2 2022.

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