Harley Davidson eBike

10/28/2020- Yes, you read that correctly. Harley Davidson has broke into the electric bicycle space with what might be the most hipster eBike on the market.

Harley Davidson electric bicycle eBike
Harley Davidson- Serial 1 eBike

Harley's Evolution into Electric

Harley Davidson Wood Shed Now building electric bikes
Harley Davidson's first shop in 1903.

The bicycle made by Harley Davidson, which is the iconic motorcycle brand delivering motorcycles since 1903 which is now a staple in American engineering and manufacturing that started from a small wooden shed.

The Serial 1 is a stunning display in the companies efforts and commitment to retaining new customers in different segments of

the market. Around 2019 the company debuted for sale, its electric motorcycle the "LiveWire", which also shows the companies evolution into the other 2 wheeled markets which has been occupied primarily from companies like Segway, Zero, Delfast and others.

Fast Growing eBike Market

The US last year imported around 275,000 eBikes and this year that is expected to skyrocket to up to 600,000 according to Bloomberg who cited data from the LEVA association. The Serial 1 will have plenty of competition from bicycle manufacturers like, Trek, Specialized, and Giant as well as other companies in the eBike arena as well as another motorcycle company making its own electric bicycle, Ducati.

BMW, Audi, and Jeep are also getting into the electric bicycle space providing the further evidence that the market is on the cusp of explosive growth, to help aid in light commuting for people that do not necessarily need or want to spend tens of thousands of dollars on high end electric vehicles, but want to get around more efficiently and may have a sustainability aspect to their efforts.

The Serial 1 Features

The name Serial 1 is a reference to “Serial Number One,” the nickname for Harley-Davidson’s oldest known motorcycle built in 1903. The bike’s design, with its white tires, leather saddle and handgrips, and sleek black frame, are meant to harken back to that first prototype.

Serial1 electric bicycle

Built with today's technology with a touch or the past. The grips alone speak to the effort the company has made to make the bike feel like it is hand crafted and built in that original wooden shed. A cool touch if you ask me.

Belt driven eBike or electric bicycle

Even the drive belt has a leather like look and also a great touch deriving back to the original days and true to the Serial 1 naming approach.

Harley Davidson Electric Bike Battery

There currently is no technical data to drool over, but I suspect the bike will be capable of speeds around 25MPH and have a range of around 40 Miles. Price was also not mentioned, but you can sign up to our newsletter and we will get that information to you as soon as we know what that is.

More Information

According to Harley Davidson, the Serial1 will be available early in 2021. Currently the website has limited information and we will publish more information or email out info on the price, spec's, and release date.

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