Electric Truck Towing Capacity- Rivian R1T Hot Weather

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

September 19th, 2020- Recently a group of Rivian engineers took to the road, to test the R1T's towing in hot weather. And they tested it where all those big gas guzzling truck commercials take place on the Davis Dam Grade in Nevada.

Rivian R1T Hot Weather Towing Test

In what has become the standard in testing trucks towing, the Davis Dam Grade is located in Nevada and is used by several truck manufacturers as the standard in testing a trucks towing performance.

Electric Truck towing test
Credit- Car and Driver 2011

Rivian- "Established by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) as the standard for determining a vehicle’s tow rating, the route begins at an elevation of 550 feet near the banks of the Colorado River in Bullhead City (about 90 miles south of Las Vegas and 70 miles downstream from the Hoover Dam), then climbs up through the Black Mountains to more than 3,500 feet in just 11.4 miles before gently tapering off near Golden Valley, Arizona."

Electric Pickup Truck- Towing

The engineers tested the truck conforming to the SAE standards and while towing 11,000 lbs. One of the engineers indicated that during the test-

During the test the truck will see "1200, 1500 amps for a minute or two straight"

A houses electric service has a capacity of 200 amps as a reference. This means that during the test the truck was using over 6 times what your house is capable of using at any given moment, and it needed to sustain that load for a couple minutes.

Hot Weather Towing

During the test the temps where in the triple digits and maxing out at 118ºF, which as one of the engineers pointed out, they wanted to test the trucks to the levels that they expect their customers to be driving them at. They will be "sending it", which in surfer talk translated, means they will be mashing that peddle to the metal, or what ever the floor board is made of, either way.

Besides testing the truck on the grade, they took that same 11,000 pound trailer and towed it in the loose sand of the desert. Check out the video for more, or read up on our electric truck reviews.

It's pretty obvious Rivian is putting in the time and I have no doubt they will put fourth an amazing electric truck for towing your boat, work trailer, snowmobiles, or what ever you envision.

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