Delfast Top 3.0 Electric Bike

10/30/2020- As I write this Delfast has a little over a day left of its other lineups. You can save up to an additional 25% in their October Sale.

Delfast Top 3.0 eBike motorcycle
Delfast Top 3.0- Courtesy of Delfast

Electric Bike or Electric Motorcycle

I hesitate calling it a bike as it has a maximum speed of 50MPH with a range of 200 miles! But Delfast insists its an eBike, and it may be the fastest electric bike. Well it does have pedals, so i'll buy that. Back in 2017, the bike broke a world record by going 368km in 17 hours without a single charge in between and launched off a crowdfunding campaign around the same time.

Features of the Delfast Top 3.0

Part Rocket Ship

The Delfast Top 3.0 bicycle is at the top end of power and range for a eBike and is powered with a 5,000W peak-rated motor hub that drives the sprocket with a top torque of 182Nm. So for a bicycle, this thing is a rocket ship! In my research I did read several reviews, which puts the bike in a range of 4.5-5 out of 5 stars and the real only consistent complaint, is its off the line torque. If you compare it to an electric motorcycle like the Zero ZF7.2 which has a motor with top power of 34,000W vs. 5,000W, a torque rating of 106Nm vs. the Delfast's 182Nm. Delfast has packed a lot of power into a bicycle.


When riding one of these, I have to consistently remind myself its a bicycle and in that mind frame this thing blows my mind. My first eBike experience was a Salsa Beargrease with a motor adapter, and there is almost no comparison between this bike and my Beargrease. I still use my Beargrease for my woods adventures like deer scouting, but after getting on the Delfast Top 3.0 I may have discovered my single solution to small commuting and adventures.

Delfast Top 3.0 Digital Screen
Delfast Top 3.0 Digital Screen Readout

Motorcycle Like Components

The bike comes equipped with motorcycle tires- 80/100-19", a 72V 48Ah 20S15P Panasonic 3200mAh + Bluetooth smart BMS battery, and Carbon drive (belt drive) with one gear.

Some of the other motorcycle-level components include, dual front hydraulic disc brakes, headlights with high and low beams, mirrors with built-in turn signals to as well as rear turn signals, and a color display that integrates with a companion phone app.

Delfast Top 3.0 Range

The specified range is 200 miles, which is likely a distance that is made at low speeds with significant pedal assist. At throttle only speeds around 20MPH you should expect ranges closer to 100-110 miles. That still isn't bad at all, considering most eBikes on throttle only have ranges around 20 miles.

Delfast eBike Top 3.0 front headlight

eBike handle bars
Bicycle grade handle bars w/ motorcycle like grips

ebike front wheel and brakes
Motorcycle like tires and breaks.

Final Thoughts

Offroad eBike

The Delfast Top 3.0 is a great tool for commuting and though the bike operates in a "grey" area, which could make operating it on a street legally challenging as some area's laws are concerned. There is no doubting, this is a great solution for getting around without fear of running out of battery power. With that said, the bike does come in on the higher end at a retail cost of $6,649. There may be sales on the bike, that makes picking it up a little less burden some on the wallet, but there is no doubt, I will have one of these in my garage in no time.

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