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Electric trucks and electric cars are certainly here to stay and as costs begin to decrease and new electric vehicles manufacturers seeming to be popping up almost overnight. We are your congregated source for all things EV's.

News and reports on solar energy, solar companies, and breaking solar products. With the growth of solar energy incentives, and installations on homes and businesses. Solar energy is here and reliable, and we are reporting on the companies, incentives, and government that is making solar affordable. 

Batteries and the technology around them is growing fast and breakthroughs seemingly are coming out weekly. We provide articles and battery reviews that help you in deciding what may be best for your solar project, EV, or even your smart home. 

As home technology devices are getting less expensive and more versatile, homes are getting smarter. IOT (internet of things) is changing how devices are manufactured and we are providing news and press releases for new or improved home tech.